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  • 1. Hellenic Oncology, Vol  36:2, Apr- Jun 2000, 113-117.
    Non transitional cell bladder tumours.    
    K. Milathianakis, D. Petsis, D. Karamanolakis, E. Mpitros, I. Mpogdanos, A. Tsintavis.

  • 2. The Journal of the Balkan Union of Oncology, 6(4): 451, 2001.
    Inguinal lymph node metastases from testicular origin.
    K. Milathianakis, D. Karampelis, I. Mpogdanos, D. Karamanolakis.
    (abstracted/indexed in EMBASE/Excerpta Medica, BIOBASE and CAB International)

  • 3. The Journal of the Balkan Union of Oncology, 6(4): 441-444, 2001.
    Penile metastases from transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder presenting as priapism. Report of two cases and review of the literature.
    K. Milathianakis, D. Karamanolakis, I. Mpogdanos, M. Sinodinou, A. Tsintavis.
    (abstracted/indexed in EMBASE/Excerpta Medica, BIOBASE and CAB International)

  • 4. The Journal Of Urology, April 2002, Vol 167, p: 1777
    Giant lipoma of the right adrenal. A case report.
    C. Milathianakis, C. Farfarelos, I. Mpogdanos, D. Karamanolakis.
    Impact Factor: 3.297

  • 5. Expert Opinion and Investigative Drugs. 2002. Feb, 11(2):283-293.
    Combination of dexamethasone and somatostatin analogue in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer.
    M. Koutsilieris, C. Mitsiades, T. Dimopoulos, J. Vacalicos, T, Lambou, A. Tsintavis, C. Milathianakis, J. Bogdanos, D. Karamanolakis.
    Impact Factor: 3.117

  • 6. The Journal of the Balkan Union of Oncology, 7(2): 107-112, 2002.
    Review Article: New strategies for the treatment of hormone-independent prostate cancer.
    I. Bogdanos, D. Karamanolakis, C. Milathianakis, A. Tsintavis.
    (abstracted/indexed in EMBASE/Excerpta Medica, BIOBASE and CAB International)

  • 7. Molecular Medicine 2002 Nov, 8(11):667-675.
    Molecular Evidence Based Use of Bone Resorption-Targeted Therapy In Prostate Cancer Patients Of High Risk For Bone Involvement.
    D. Karamanolakis, J. Bogdanos, A. Sourla, C. Milathianakis, A. Tsintavis,
    P. Lembessis, R. Tenta, D. Tiblalexi &, M. Koutsilieris.
    Impact Factor: 3.337

  • 8. The Journal of Urology, 169 (1): 293, Jan 2003.
    Reply by the authors to a letter to the Editor, regarding the previous case report.

  • 9. Endocrine-Related Cancer (2003), 10: 1-11. [Lectures of the International Congress on Hormonal Steroids and Hormones and Cancer. Fukuoka, Japan, 21-25 October 2002.]
    Endocrine/paracrine/autocrine survival factor activity of bone microenvironment participates in the development of androgen ablation and chemotherapy refractoriness of prostate cancer metastases in skeleton.
    J. Bogdanos, D. Karamanolakis, R. Tenta, A. Tsintavis, C. Milathianakis, C. Mitsiades and M. Koutsilieris
    Impact Factor: 8.894

  • 10. Anticancer Research. Jan-Feb 2003, 23 (1): 1755-1756.
    Syndrome of inappropriate Antidiuretic Hormone Secretion in a patient with hormone-refractory prostate cancer.
    J. Bogdanos, D. Karamanolakis, C. Milathianakis and M. Koutsilieris.
    Impact Factor: 1.447

  • 11. Anticancer Research. Jan-Feb 2003, 23(1): 1757-1762.
    Development of anemia in prostate cancer patients treated with Combined Androgen Blockade.
    J. Bogdanos, C. Milathianakis, D. Karamanolakis, P. Repoussis, A. Tsintavis, M. Koutsilieris.
    Impact Factor: 1.447

  • 12. Bio. 2003, April-May (5): 37-42.
    Therapy against the survival factors of the cancer cells. Combination somministration against of hyperagonistic analogues of somatostatin in the treatment of patients of hormone refractory prostate cancer (Stage D3) with bone metastases: a new therapeutical approach based on in vitro studies.
    M. Koutsilieris, K. Mitsiadis, A. Sourla, Th. Dimopoulos, Th. Lambou, A. Tsintavis, K. Milathianakis, E. Sotiriou, R. Tenta, P. Lembesis, I. Bogbanos, D. Karamanolakis.

  • 13. BJU International. June 2003, 91 (9): 853-855.
    The long term outcome of bilateral Cohen ureteric reimplantation under a common submucosal tunnel.
    P.A. Androulakakis, A.A. Stefanidis, D.K. Karamanolakis, V, Mountzouris, G. Koussidis.
    Impact Factor: 2,089

  • 14. BJU International. 2003. July, 92(1): 101-103.
    Pelvi-ureteric  junction obstruction by crossing renal vessels: clinical and imaging features.
    A. Rigas, D. Karamanolakis, Bogdanos J, A. Stefanidis, P.A. Androulakakis.
    Impact Factor: 2,089

  • 15. Urologia Internationalis. 2004. March, 72(3): 271-274.
    Neurofibroma of the spermatic cord. A case report and review of the literature.
    C. Milathianakis, D.K.Karamanolakis, J. Mpogdanos, E. Trihia.
    Impact Factor: 0.504

  • 16. Anticancer Research.  May-Jun 2004, 24(3b):1957-1961.
    Epoetin beta (NeoRecormon®) corrects anaemia and maintains haemoglobin levels in patients with hormone-refractory prostate cancer and bone metastases.
    J. Bogdanos, D. Karamanolakis, K. Milathianakis, P. Repoussis, A. Chloraki-
    Bobota, H. Majed, E. Pagalou-Thoua, A. Tsintavis, M. Koutsilieris.
    Impact Factor: 1.447

  • 17. Clinical Cancer Research. 2004. July 1, 10(13): 4398-405.
    Combination of somatostatin analogue, dexamethasone, and standard androgen ablation therapy in stage D3 prostate cancer patients with bone metastases.
    Koutsilieris M., Mitsiades CS, Bogdanos J, Dimopoulos T, Karamanolakis D, Milathianakis C, Tsintavis A.
    Impact Factor: 5.991

  • 18. The Journal of the Balkan Union of Oncology. 2004, 9(4): 493-494.
    Anemia in advanced prostate cancer.
    Bogdanos J, Karamanolakis D, Milathianakis K.
    (abstracted/indexed in EMBASE/Excerpta Medica, BIOBASE and CAB International)

  • 19. Progrès en Urologie. Vol 15, No 2 (April 2005) : 319-321.
    Vaginal metastases of renal cell carcinoma. A case report (Métastases vaginales d’un carcinome à cellule rénal. Cas Clinique).
    Milathianakis CN, Karamanolakis DK, Massoud W, Roumier X, Bogdanos I, Perrin P.
    Impact Factor: 0.373

  • 20. BJU International. 2005 , 96(1) : 140-143.
    Myogenic bladder decompensation in boys with a history of posterior urethral valves is caused by secondary bladder neck dysfunction?
    Philippos A. Androulakakis, Dimitrios K. Karamanolakis, Georgios Tsahouridis, Antonios A. Stefanidis, Ilias Paleodimos.
    Impact Factor: 2,089

  • 21. International Journal of Urology. Vol. 12, No 8, 2005, 776-778.
    Morbidity of prophylactic inguinal lymphadenectomy with saphenous vein  preservation for squamous cell penile carcinoma.
    Constantine N. Milathianakis, John Bogdanos, Dimitrios K. Karamanolakis.
    Impact Factor: 0.683

  • 22. Progrès en Urologie. Vol 15, No  12 (December 2005) : 1149-1150.
    Liposarcome paratesticulaire bien différencié chez l’adulte.
    Walid Massoud, Marian Devonec, Myriam Decaussin, Philippe Paparel, Dimitrios Karamanolakis, Paul Perrin, Alain Ruffion.
    Impact Factor: 0.373

  • 23. Anticancer Research.  July-August 2006, 26(4B):3159-66.
    Measurements of serum testosterone may contribute to the assessment of risk for prostate cancer pre-weighted by PSA testing >, 3.0 to <, 10.0 ng/ml.
    D. Karamanolakis, T. Lambou, J. Bogdanos, C. Milathianakis, A. Halapas, A.   
    Sourla, P. Lembessis, N. Pissimissis, N. Desypris, E. Petridou, M. Koutsilieris.
    Impact Factor: 1.447

  • 24. Expert Opin Investig Drugs. 2006 Jul,15(7):795-804.
    Combination therapy using LHRH and somatostatin analogues plus dexamethasone in androgen ablation refractory prostate cancer patients with bone involvement: a bench to bedside approach.
    Koutsilieris M, Bogdanos J, Milathianakis C, Dimopoulos P, Dimopoulos T, Karamanolakis D, Halapas A, Tenta R, Katopodis H, Papageorgiou E, Pitulis N, Pissimissis N, Lembessis P, Sourla A.
    Impact Factor: 3.117

  • 25. Anticancer Research.  Sept-Oct 2006, 26(5B): 3693-3700.
    Randomized controlled clinical trial of a combination of somatostatin analog and dexamethasone plus zolendronate vs zolendronate in patients with androgen ablation-refractory prostate cancer.
    Mitsiades CS, Bogdanos J, Karamanolakis D, Milathianakis C, Dimopoulos T, Koutsilieris M.
    Impact Factor: 1.447

  • 26. BJU International. July 2007, Supplement 100(2): 60-63
    Combination of somatostatin analogues and dexamethasone (antisurvival-factor concept) with luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone in androgen ablation-refractory prostate cancer.
    M. Koutsiluieris, T. Dimopoulos, C. Milathianakis, J. Bogdanos, D. Karamanolakis, N. Pissimissis, A. Halapas, P. Lembessis, A. Papaioannou, A. Sourla.
    Impact Factor: 2,089

    [Some of these publications can also be found on PubMed with the relative abstracts/ http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi results of the search for: Karamanolakis D.].


  • 1. Tesi Sperimentale di Laurea (Graduation Thesis) in “The Decompression Of The Cervical Spinal Cord In Neurotraumatology: Analysis Of 100 Observed Cases Under Follow-Up And Introduction Of New Techniques Of Stabilization Of The Spine”.
    Dimitrios K. Karamanolakis, under Supervision of Prof. Giacomo Vailati.

  • 2. Physiology of the penile erection. Erectile Dysfunction.
    ISBN 960-92488-0-2.
    John Bogdanos, Dimitrios K. Karamanolakis, Konstantinos N. Milathianakis. [Edition in the Greek language].

Book Chapters:

  • 1. Chapter from the book:
    The Expanding Role of Octreotide I: Advances In Oncology.
    Eds SWJ Lamberts and L Dogliotti. Published by BioScientifica © Ltd, Bristol 2002. pp 263-278. ISBN: 1 901978 13 3.
    Prostate cancer cell survival in bone metastasis and disease progression to androgen-refractory stage: development of a novel endocrine manipulation for androgen ablation-refractory prostate cancer.
    M. Koutsilieris, C. Mitsiades, A. Sourla, E. Sotiriou, D. Tiblalexi, P. Lembessis, T. Dimopoulos, T. Lambou, A. Tsintavis, J. Vacalikos, C. Milathianakis, J. Bogdanos, D. Karamanolakis, Z. Kapsalis, G. Pliotas and C. Dardoufas.

  • 2. Chapter from the book
    Understanding the Physiopathology and Re-Designing a Therapeutic Approach.

    of Prof. Fernand Labriè and Michael Koutsilieris [LaVal University – City of Quebec, Quebec, Canada and Medical School of Athens, Athens - Attiki, Greece].
    Eds P.M.P. © Ltd, Athens 2004.
    pp 109-134. ISBN 960-399-195-3.
    Bone microenvironment participation in the development of androgen ablation refractoriness in prostate cancer patients with bone metastasis: clinical application of an anti-survival factor hormone therapy.
    C. Mitsiades, J. Bogdanos, D. Karamanolakis, A. Tsintavis, C. Milathianakis, T.     
    Dimopoulos, E. Zagaras and M. Koutsilieris.

  • 3. Chapter from the book
    Honorary Volume of the University of Athens for Prof. George Androulakis, 2005 (under edition).
    Beginning of a new therapeutic approach targeting the repeal of the refractoriness that develops during androgen ablation therapy in patients with prostate cancer and bone metastases.
    M. Koutsilieris, J. Bogdanos, R. Tenta, DK. Karamanolakis, K. Milathianakis, T. Dimopoulos.
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