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Disorders of the Adrenal Glands



Usually the disorders of the adrenal glands are of endocrine in nature and the patients get referred to the Urologist from his Endocrinologist colleague.

The most common disorders are Cushing’s syndrome, hyper-aldosteronism, and pheochromocytoma. In addition, tumors of the adrenal may present with abdominal pain or as abdominal mass. The diagnosis is performed after evaluating carefully very specific blood and urine samples in specific laboratories and adrenal imaging studies are also required in order to assess the adrenal anatomy.




Diseases of the adrenal cortex:

  • Cushing Syndrome
  • Adrenal Androgenic Syndromes (Congenital Bilateral Adrenal Androgenic Hyperplasia, Benign and Malignant tumors – AdrenoCortical Tumors)
  • The Hypertensive, Hypokalemic Syndrome or Primary Aldosteronism

Diseases of the adrenal medulla:

  • Pheochromocytoma (Benign or Malignant)
  • Neuroblastoma

Not all the above conditions require surgical treatment, the decision is always taken in a MultiDisciplinary meeting with urologist, internist, oncologist and endocrinologist.

Attention! The information provided here is for educational and informational purposes only. In no way should it be considered as offering medical advice. Please check with your physician for further evaluation.

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